Client: Areca Nut OSMF

Industry: Healthcare

Service Provided: Application Development / 3D Animation

Project Overview: Interactive Application and 3D Animation for OSMF Education

Objective: A team of dedicated doctors aimed to develop an application that educates users on Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSMF) – its causes and interventions. They also required detailed 3D animations to simplify complex medical concepts for easier understanding.

Challenges Encountered:

Comprehensive Content Development: One of the main challenges was to interpret and convert detailed medical information from a PDF into an engaging and educational digital format. This required a deep understanding of the subject matter to ensure accuracy and effectiveness in communication.

Innovative Solutions Delivered:

Expert-Led Application and Animation Development: With Dr. Gopal at the helm, our team utilized the Flutter framework and Firebase for backend services to swiftly develop the application. The app features high-quality 3D animations created by our expert team, including Dr. Priyanka, Dr. Shriya, Dr. Tisha, and Viola. These animations made complex medical topics accessible and engaging.

Impactful Delivery: The quality of the animations and the comprehensive nature of the app led to its feature in prominent media outlets like The Times of India, significantly raising awareness about OSMF and its treatments.