Client: Virtual Almari

Industry: Textile

Service Provided: Mobile Application Development

Case Study Overview: Transformative Mobile App for 3D Clothing Visualization

Objective: Virtual Almari required a sophisticated mobile application that could showcase clothing prints from images on 3D models. The app needed functionalities that allowed for interactive texture changes to enhance the fashion experience for users.

Challenges Encountered:

Efficient 3D Modeling and Texture Adaptation: Creating and managing 3D clothing models that could be efficiently modified and displayed on mobile devices posed significant technical challenges, particularly in ensuring high performance and user engagement.

Innovative Solutions Delivered:

Integrated 3D Modeling Techniques and Mobile Development:

  • Character Modeling: Utilized Character Creator for developing accurate human figures suitable for apparel fitting.
  • Clothing Simulation: Employed CLO 3D to design realistic clothing items that users could customize in real-time.
  • Model Optimization: Leveraged Blender to optimize these models, ensuring they were performant on mobile platforms.
  • Application Development: Combined Flutter and Unity Engine to build a robust mobile app that handles complex 3D manipulations seamlessly.

Outcome: The application successfully introduced a new way for textile enthusiasts and professionals to interact with fashion items, offering them a tool to visualize and modify clothing designs effortlessly on mobile devices. This innovation has enhanced Virtual Almari’s market position by delivering a cutting-edge solution to the textile industry.