Client: Optish

Industry: Eyewear and Optical

Service Provided: Mobile App Development

Project Overview: Comprehensive Mobile App for Eyewear Retailers

Objective: Optish needed a multifunctional mobile application that allows eyewear retailers to educate their customers about different types of lenses and effectively upsell products. Additional functionalities required included bill creation, power conversion, and marketing capabilities.

Challenges Encountered:

Educational Content Creation: Creating educational content for the app required an in-depth understanding of various software like Photoshop and Premiere Pro, which initially increased production costs.

Innovative Solutions Delivered:

Robust Mobile App Development: Leveraging our in-house expertise in software and graphics, we built a comprehensive app using Flutter with Firebase as the backend service. This solution enabled us to include advanced features such as:

  • Interactive Lens Tutorial: Using the camera functionality to demonstrate the benefits of progressive and bifocal lenses.
  • Marketing Toolkit: Allows retailers to customize and share promotional content with branding, such as the owner’s name.
  • Billing and Power Conversion Tools: Streamlines the sales process by integrating a digital billing book and conversion features for lens prescriptions.

Outcome: The Optish mobile app has transformed how eyewear retailers engage with customers, enhancing their ability to educate and upsell effectively. This all-in-one tool has not only improved sales but also increased customer satisfaction by providing valuable information and convenient shopping solutions.