Client: Government of India

Industry: Defence Ministry

Service Provided: Video Editing

Project Overview: Educational 2D Animated Videos for Army Families

Objective: The Government of India required a 2D animated video to educate the families of army personnel. The goal was to provide informative content that could be easily understood and accessible to military families.

Challenges Encountered:

Integration of Voiceover and Animation: A key challenge was integrating a professionally recorded voiceover with animation elements provided by Sastaacid, ensuring both were in sync to effectively convey the intended message.

Innovative Solutions Delivered:

Professional Video Editing and Animation: Our team utilized Adobe After Effects to create subtle and theme-appropriate animations. The voiceover was recorded and meticulously synced with the animated content to produce an engaging and educational video.

Outcome: The final animated video successfully met the educational needs of army families, providing them with valuable insights into various aspects of army life. The video has been well-received for its clarity and effectiveness in communication.