Terms & Conditions

  1. Free hosting is available for a duration of 1 year. After that, it will be renewed at INR 500/- per year.
  2. Website Maintenance Services will be provided free of cost for 6 months.
    Website Maintenance Services include:
    1. Minor changes in the layout
    2. Speed Optimisation
    3. Image Optimisation
    4. Resolving Technical Issues, if any occur.
  3. Domain charges are not included in the current scope of work and has to be borne by the client.
  4. Text and images can be changed as per your requirements. Any additional customization beyond this will be considered an extra service, and the price will depend on the complexity of the feature or integration required for the website.
  5. After the completion of the free maintenance period, website maintenance services will be renewed at INR 3,000/- per year
  6. An 18% GST will be applied to the final cost of the project.